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Application deadline: 13 July 2019

Master Classes are aimed at music students, professional musicians and talented young people who would like to improve their technical, musical and artistic skills. They are also aimed at those who are preparing for concerts, auditions or competitions.

All Master Classes are open to active and passive participants. The Masterclasses for active participants includes 4 or 5 individual lessons. The number of participants per class is limited to 10-12. The number of passive participants is not restricted.

  • Active participants work on a programme selected by themselves.
  • The organization communicate the instruction time the day before the beginning of the Master Classes.
  • Free practice rooms are at the student’s disposal.
  • A final concert is held at the end of the classes. Passive students may attend all events.

The Master Classes take place in the Music school (Glasbena šola) at Linhartov trg 1, Radovljica, Slovenia.

About the attendance and enrollment fees. Below you can see the attendance and the enrollment fees for the Master Classes of professor Sorokow. The confirmation of payment of enrollment fee send to: casakamna@gmail.com. The attendance fee is to be paid at the beginning of the Masterclasses.
Passive participation: 20 €

Total fee: 450 €

Attendance fee: 400 € ; Enrollment fee: 50 € . For 4 lessons of 50′, piano accompaniment included

Please fill out the application form on line: Application Form

Payment of attendance and enrollment fees to: KUD Hiša Kamna, Kamna Gorica 46a, 4246 Kamna Gorica, Slovenija

IBAN SI56 1010 0005 2374 757
Banka Intesa SanPaolo, Pristaniška 14, 6502, Koper, Slovenija

Contact for accommodation:
Hotel Grajski dvor, Radovljica, info@grajski-dvor.si
Tourist Information Centre Radovljica, www.radolca.si
KUD Hiša Kamna, Kamna Gorica 46a, 4246 Kamna Gorica, Slovenia
www.casakamna.org ; casakamna@gmail.com ; 00386 (0)31 708913



Born in 1954 in Russia, Leonid Sorokow received his first violin lessons at the age of five. He attend­ed the Special Music School of the St. Peters­burg Conservatory. 1973-78 studied at the Moscow Conser­vatory under J.Jankelevich and J.Tchugaye­va, attended a postgraduate course under V.Klimov. In 1979 Leonid Sorokow became a prize-winner at the International Competition in Montreal, in 1981 won second prize at the Paganini Competi­tion in Genoa. Sorokow toured Russia, Hungary, Italy and Fin­land as a soloist and was a part­ner of D.Sitkovecky, O.Kagan, N.Gutman, J.Bashmet, D.Geringas, K.Kash­ka­shian and others at various chamber concerts. 1986-92 he was the first con­certmaster of the “Moscow So­loists” under J.Bashmet. Leonid Sorokow took part in world-wide tours with this ensemble, also as a soloist, in 1992 as artistic di­rector. Since 1991 Leonid Sorokow has been living in Vienna, since 1993 he has been teaching at the University of Music in Vienna and since 2001 he has been teaching as Professor at the Music –Academy in Zagreb. 1996-2007 Leonid Sorokow was a member of the Vienna Mozart-Trio. Leonid Sorokow is a co-founder of the “Amadeus Trio Zagreb” (2009). The students of Leonid Sorokow have received numerous prizes at international musical competitions.