La Casa de Kamna

La Casa de Kamna organizes various kinds of activities: music master classes with internationally acclaimed artists, concerts, literary and theatre meetings, photo and painting exhibitions, translations, book editions, Spanish language workshops and alternative therapy. We have intensified our musical activity this past year and have counted on the presence of artists like Ruben Dalibaltayan and Julia Gubaidullina, Sándor Jávokai, Teresa Trevisan and Flavio Zaccaria, the Ljubljana Piano Trio – of which members are Siavush Gadjiev, Vasilij Meljnikov and Igor Mitrović and the International Music Festival of the Adriatic.

La Casa de Kamna

La Casa de Kamna is a cultural association that was founded in 2009, dedicated to culture and the artistic expression of Argentina and Latin-America in general. We stress literature, especially the translation of Argentinean and Slovenian authors. In collaboration with the publishing houses Libros de la talita dorada (Argentina) and LAR (Chile, Argentina) we have already published many poetry, prose and theatre works. We have organized literary meetings with European and Latin-American writers. We work with the Slovenian Centre PEN and the International Writers’ Meeting of Bled since 2011. Some writers visit Kamna Gorica every year in the month of May and present their literary works. We publish books through the Libros de la Casa de Kamna publishing house and organize writing courses. Among our activities are included theatre workshops, art exhibitions and concerts. Photograph contests and exhibitions are important, too and we organize them since 2012 in collaboration with the Photograph Society of Radovljica and the Cultural Association “Allegro ma non troppo” of Ensenada, Argentina. Slovenian authors exhibit in Argentina, Argentinean authors exhibit in Slovenia.

The activities of the Association take place in different locations. In the house – that was built in the 1700s, restored in ancient style, operates the library that keeps books of different literary genres, mainly Latin-American authors. In the year 2015 we opened the “Creative Residence” in the Mežnarija – the Sexton House, that stands on top of the hill next to Kamna Gorica’s church. In harmony with the nature of the environment and our activities the residence is dedicated to the members of the Association who wish to live part of their free time for reflecting and creating.

The ground floor hosts a museum dedicated to some personalities and events that are important for Kamna Gorica. La Casa de Kamna administers the museum along with the Cultural Touristic Centre of Kamna Gorica. La Casa de Kamna works the entire year. We collaborate with:


 - http://librosdelatalitadorada.blogspot.com/
 - http://www.penslovenia-zdruzenje.si/blejska_srecanja
 - http://home.castellodiduinopoesia.org/
 - http://www.fd-radovljica.si/
 - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Allegro-ma-non-troppo/229812713770556http://www.zarko-galerija.info/index.htm

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